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Why choose IGA Group (iGaming advisors)

Our clients can avail themselves of our extensive network of contacts to meet and find the best local providers/partners, with completely credible advice being offered regarding the suitability of different available options.

Key Roles Services offer strong business and technical background, bringing advantages in both dealing with business and operational problems efficiently and quickly while simultaneously ensuring that the Key Roles of the licensee thoroughly understands the technology involved in remote gaming operations under Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) or UK Gambling Commission (UKGC).

This synergistic combination of business and technical expertise enables our clients to undergo their certification process faster, with assured reputation and integrity at all times.

Corporate Services

Company Formation

We can help you with your company formation making sure you do so as efficiently as possible. IGA Group (iGamingAdvisors) handles all the required paper work for a successful startup business. Moreover, our expertise encompasses more services, such as the assistance in the changes to the share capital, Directors, shareholders and company secretary. We facilitate the opening of banking accounts and registered offices and much more.

Pre System and Compliance Auditing

At IGA Group (iGamingAdvisors) we help and assist throughout the auditing process as imposed by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). This applies both for the System and Compliance Audits. All gaming operators need to stand the rigors of any contingency. It is not only a matter of regulatory compliance. A control system is your contingency plan when it comes to disaster recovery, your basis to KYC and your audit trail.


We can assist you in opening your company bank accounts within a vast pool of local and foreign banks. We can also assist you adhering VAT requirements, Tax compliance and more for your banking needs.


Being your single point of contact with all relevant Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) or UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) will save you time and money. Although some of the Authorities are willing to help, getting to know their policies and procedures might be frustrating.

Business Plan

IGA Group (iGamingAdvisors), through its vast experience and highly skilled individuals and contacts, have the required expertise to draft a business plan as required by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) or UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) for the successful acquisition of a license. We truly believe in our highly qualified employees that will make your gambling needs look a piece of cake.

Key Function Roles

We offer Key Roles services as per regulatory requirements. Such roles ensures due care for your gaming license, fulfilling all obligations within an array of duties. We shall follow and regulations/policies/ directives throughout whilst ascertaining full compliance with the regulator.

Ancillary Services

Auxiliary services offered by IGA Group (iGamingAdvisors)
• Assignment or transfer of a Malta gaming license
• The increase reduction of the nominal or issued share capital of the licensee or the increase or reduction of its voting share capital or any material change in voting rights
• Change in the Board of Directors within your corporate company
• The sale or other disposition by the Malta gaming licensee of its business
• The merger of the Malta gaming licensee with another company
• Assignment or transfer of a Malta or UK gambling license from a number of jurisdictions such as Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) or UK Gambling Commission (UKGC).