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Why choose IGA Group (iGaming advisors)

At iGamingAdvisors, we are committed to providing the best possible service to our clients, by using our wealth of experience and knowledge to maximise the potential of their business. We have years of experience in the gaming sector, both through previous employment with gaming companies, but also through software companies providing technical solutions and also through various consultancy engagements both at a strategic, operational and regulatory level.

Our expertise covers the whole spectrum of operator activities: legal, finance, operations, online gaming regulation, compliance, AML, technical, licensing, corporate, seo, support, company formation, mergers and acquisitions and more.

Having assisted companies in obtaining gaming licences in Malta, UK, Romania and Curacao, we pride ourselves for being one of Malta’s most experienced igaming service providers.

Corporate Services

Company Formation

We can provide best-in-class service to assist you in all your business needs.  Setting up a new company can be a headache, unless supported by the right partner.  At IGA Group (iGamingAdvisors) we handle all the necessary documentation required to start your business in the most efficient way possible. In addition, we also take care of providing a local registered office, depositing the share capital and any changes thereto, and also providing Directorship and Company Secretary services.

Pre-Systems and Compliance Auditing

At IGA Group (iGamingAdvisors) we use our expertise in gaming, regulatory and technology fields, to assist our clients throughout the audits mandated by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). This applies for the Systems and also Compliance audits. Apart from being a legal requirement, a successful completion of any of the audits is critical in ensuring the proper functioning of any organisation, and thus our advice is to always give these requirements the utmost importance, making sure expert advice is sought throughout the whole process.


For those in the gaming industry, many are fully aware that opening a bank account across the EU is no mean feat, and at times it can cause unnecessary delays to a business initiation. Regulators across the globe have made it mandatory for a company to be awarded a licence to provide services, to have a functional bank account.  Apart from the standard operational account which any company would need, in the gaming industry the requirement is to have a separate clients’/players’ account where funds are kept segregated and solely used for player deposits and withdrawals. At IGA, through our services, we can make this journey as smooth as possible, by using our wealth of contacts in the payments and banking sector, to provide multiple bespoke solutions.


Being your single point of contact with all relevant Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) or other regulators will save you time and money. Through our experience we can assist you and be directly in touch with regulators to ensure the swiftest resolution time possible for any queries your business may have.

Business Plan

Drafting a proper and well-structured business plan  is a major requirement when submitting an application for a licence. At IGA Group (iGamingAdvisors), we have the right professionals on board, to get it right first time.  Having assisted a large number of companies in their process for obtaining a gaming licence, we are sure our highly qualified employees can be pivotal in structuring a professional business plan that reflects the ambitions of your organisation, in a realistic and credible way.

Key Function Roles

At IGA Group we have qualified and experienced professionals who can cover any of the key functions required by the Regulator. Key function roles are considered critical for any licensed operator, since they are tasked with ensuring ongoing compliance to the respective areas they would be covering.  Key function holders would be required to submit regular reports to the Regulator.

Ancillary Services

Auxiliary services offered by IGA Group (iGamingAdvisors)
Company incorporation services Provision of registered office
Directorship and Company secretary services Opening of Bank Accounts
Changes in the Board of Directors; Mergers or Acquisition of companies and/or new businesses;
The increase reduction of the nominal or issued share capital of the licensee or the increase or reduction of its voting share capital or any material change in voting rights;
The sale of a company, which may include a gaming licence, and the respective approvals required by the different Authorities;
Assignment or transfer of shares between different companies located in different jurisdictions and in possession of licences from multiple jurisdictions.